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This is beautiful. Don't you dare stop making music like this, man. XD

But, nah, really, I'mma probably use this one. I'll credit you- and I won't be making money unless its both of us making money; you have my word as a musician on that one.

Amazing. Thats all I can really say about it. I'll do my best to do it justice.


AliceMako responds:

If there's ever anything you want a commercial licence for i only charge a flat fee and the right to retain copyright of the material.

That's it really.

Awesome work, man. Really great stuff. Lovin the vocals and the guitar.


Bumpin' and Beautiful. I don't hear weakness of any kind on this track, personally. Granted, I am a rap MC, not a techno DJ. This beat carries an epic melody that just screams to be heard without lyrics of any kind. I could throw some on there, but I don't know that it'd be better.

Regardless, this is an epic and skillfully written/mastered track. Great work!


Nice work, lyrically and musically.

It's a pretty good sound, but the vocals cut way too loud way too often. So... you might wanna check that on future songs.

Great production qualities, and the beat goes hard.

KidDeception responds:

Thanks man really appreciate the support and input!

Hey man; first off- I understand what happened to you in school, man. People are sheisty.

As far as this song goes- good work. I can tell it comes from deep inside you, and the message hits pretty hard. I think your rhymes are good and the beat bumps fine, but it feels rushed near the end. I do the same thing in my own music sometimes. I have to remind myself that a rest is actually a musical device and space between phrases can be alright if done correctly.

But no, for real, if it sounds like how you want it to sound- then it sounds right. Thanks for a quality piece of music, man.


Lmao. This is hilarious. XD


Willanatior responds:

:D Glad you enjoyed it

I'd give this five stars if my laptop was actually allowing me to. I keep getting some weird error. But for real- this is quality work. I dig the atmospheric vibe to it, and the piano works well. If somebody were to write good lyrics, this could go somewhere.

Error104 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Good work, man. I like the effects you use at certain times, and you seem like you synch up with the emotion of the track really well. I thought the flow could've been a bit better, to be honest, though, bro. I felt like you were offbeat a couple times, and it also seemed like you tried to push too many syllables into a line once, maybe twice. Keep at it- you've got a good voice for rap, and you're great at beats. Sorry I didnt actually get to do this one with you, man. I had a rap written for it and everything. :/


P.S.- Trust SynthGoddess- she's an epic singer.

SinZLazTWordZ responds:

I really appreciate your thoughts man. I feel like this was just the start to something bigger and I hope to keep it moving forward. I got some more instrumentals lined up and some more lyrics written down. We can always do a remix to this or even get you in on the 2nd verse. It is still empty right now, I might re-record a few things as well to try to fit the flow a bit better.
I will keep at it though man, I hope to see you around more often and maybe get a collab in there with ya bro.

Thanks for the review man.


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