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Good work, man. I like the effects you use at certain times, and you seem like you synch up with the emotion of the track really well. I thought the flow could've been a bit better, to be honest, though, bro. I felt like you were offbeat a couple times, and it also seemed like you tried to push too many syllables into a line once, maybe twice. Keep at it- you've got a good voice for rap, and you're great at beats. Sorry I didnt actually get to do this one with you, man. I had a rap written for it and everything. :/


P.S.- Trust SynthGoddess- she's an epic singer.

SinZLazTWordZ responds:

I really appreciate your thoughts man. I feel like this was just the start to something bigger and I hope to keep it moving forward. I got some more instrumentals lined up and some more lyrics written down. We can always do a remix to this or even get you in on the 2nd verse. It is still empty right now, I might re-record a few things as well to try to fit the flow a bit better.
I will keep at it though man, I hope to see you around more often and maybe get a collab in there with ya bro.

Thanks for the review man.


I love the epic feel of this track. It has SERIOUS potential. I think it needs more wubwub in the wubwub sections, though. I don't feel like it takes over the track at those parts like it should. Still beautiful, just like... It /wants/ to be dubstep, but it's not quite there yet, yaknow?

This is a gorgeous standalone piece. I used the old version, though. The WIP. You raised the pitch, as well as the tempo. Hadn't expected the tempo change, and it didn't really do well with the vocals we have. Sounds awesome, though. I love on that piano work, I really do. Great stuff!


Woah. I'd love to you on a track. Great work. I'm speechless.


SynthGoddess responds:

Thank you, thank you. I'm actually thinking about finishing it? Maybe?

Wow, man. This is just beautiful. I'll be using this soon, for sure. Keep up the awesomeness, dude. You rock!


Wow, this is pretty great. It's very upbeat and rave-esque. I am consistently impressed by the music you release. I dunno where you come up with these melodies- but don't stop being original with each one, it's really refreshing.


I'm thinking "Respect. I want to right a song on this track."


SynthGoddess responds:

You're awesome ! As always, thanks so much for the kind words. :)

Another epic track, yo. I would really look into writing music for videogames, if I were you. You've got the talent for it.


Love it! Great performance by all involved!!!


Woah. Consider me floored. Is that you singing? May I use this beat?


SynthGoddess responds:

Mhm, its me singing. And once I finish this song, sure!

Who am I? I'm the voice inside your head; radic'ly tryna dramatic'ly become something unsaid.

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