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You're my new electronic favorite on Newgrounds. Gratz. Not an easy task.

With great power comes great responsibility.


This really sucks me in, and it has kind of a nostalgic feel to it. I could see this song being on a Timesplitters game soundtrack. Which is a HUGE compliment, if you didnt already know.

I freaking love this. It's so gorgeous, how do you not have more listens?!? You've got some serious talent. Keep up this kind of brilliance, yo!


Oh, man. This is beautiful. Thanks for this, yo. You just got yourself a new fan.


I can't say that I like it, man. I like the /lyrics/. But I feel like the flow was off a bit, and the vocals really need a tune-up on the quality level. Not sure if it's the mixing or the equipment- but I can tell you worked hard on it, man. Don't stop tryin, you've got a good voice for this. Just aim for catchiness a bit more next time, I guess.


PurpleHaze responds:

Yeahh I recorded it off my phone. That's why the quality is like this.

I can dig it. Share some more with us!


I like it, really. But to be honest, there's a few things off about it. First, as was mentioned below- It's bassline is a bid generic and maybe even a little weak. Second, it feels.. I dunno. It feels olskool, not modern. And then there's the length- which I'm sure you were already aware of. I feel like with some tweaking it could really go places. Very unique style.


Rekuiem responds:

Yea this is a layering experiment. I wanted to see how nice/smooth and full I can pull off a mixture of electric samplin with jazz its an inspired concept not so much meant to be an epic installment. I am working on it more though this is basically a concept draft. The bass feels weak because it needs somethin' carry mostly. It holds the flow but it doesn't have a nice mid/high that ride with it. Very minimal but try listenin closely at the soundscape I'm crafting with all the percussion drum and electric howls/ It is very elaborate.



This goes hard, yo. I love it. Wish it was longer.

Man. This is nice.

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