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This is better than the last piece from you that I listened to, but it would seem that my recurring issue with your music is that it is too repetitive. It has to switch up a little bit, or it's going to be boring. I'm glad you're still trying, though. Keep at it!

I like the sound of it, but I mean... man, this is pretty lazy. I know what loops are in Garageband, and it's pretty obvious that you sort of just took each of the ones you like, consecutively, and placed them two or three times. It's not bad for a first time piece, but you've really gotta try harder.

Also, a lot of it is dischordant, as in, it doesnt line up. Keep trying, though, man!

Very ambient. Hectic. ADD and discordant. Creepy. Guess that's what you were going for. I wanna hear a hip-hop track from you, man. Got any you'd recommend?

kaneman responds:

Thank you for your comments.

I wasn't really going for anything in particular. Just tried to create a cool song I suppose.
Hip hop is something I do on occasion. But that is Grovestreet4life's arena. He makes things and then does not upload them it frustrates me. Check his song I'm liquid here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/548398

For me on the other hand check out: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/511241 and http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/525456.

Antiskill does not seem to make hip hop, but has plenty of drum and bass if you like that. This is one of my faves: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/509136


Not my favorite by far, but you get respect for sampling Voodoo People. XD

I really enjoyed this beat, man. It's a bit repetitive, I think, and I don't really like the sampled vocals near the end- But it's very unique and I can hear some pretty good vocals sticking to this track. Not bad for a first submission at all.

Really dig this track man. You've got serious talent with beats.

Waidmann responds:

thanks man

I dont even care that its a garageband loop mix. This song is AWESOME! 5/5

Oh, this is just perfect. Lovin it.

larrylarrybb responds:

I'm glad you like it :)

Dude. I'm loving this track. Great 8-bit mix with hard-hitting percussion and sweeping melody. Keep up the good work!

dude-im-alive responds:

Cheers man. Yeah something I like to do is have 8-bit sounding synths but mix it up with all the other stuff that's available nowadays too. Not pure chiptune, but mainly the melodies of it mixed with whatever else. Thanks! ;D

So, I've created a new profile, and I plan on bringing this song back. This is DJDj, and I will be changing a bit about the song. It got a bit... overzealous at the end, I think. I've since learned that more controlled emotion can lead to better music, and I NEED to fix the song.

I went ahead and gave you a 5 star rating instead of a 4 star this time, because dude... This is the only song I've ever truly regretted losing, and I've tried pretty friggin hard to get it back. ALMOST THERE.

It WILL be uploaded as soon as it's finished, I promise. So if you have the time, check it out and let me know what you think!

GrantBowtie responds:

Thanks - Like your result!

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