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And as the darkness fades to black, remember that we are the light.

"Do you ever look up at the stars at night... and then just sort of like wonder, you know, like... why don't they ever shine during the daytime? How come... you only see 'em in the dark?"
From 'Indecision- LoveKavi Ft. DJDj'

I'm rooting for you, bro. Keep pouring your emotions into music. 5/5


Lovin' it. Might use it. Very... Ratatat-esque

Love it. Might use it. Keep an eye out for the contributor invite.


I wanted to use this so badly. Had the rap written and everything, but there's no downloading available... shoot. Guess I'll be fitting these lyrics on a different beat.

No offense intended, man. But ins[iration waits for no man. 5 Stars, nonetheless. Great work. Top-notch.


AnubisInc responds:

I feel you guys. I'll be putting everything up for download soon.

I'm not exactly sure why, but I have a love/hate relationship with this song.

Going forward, I'll attempt to illuminate the reasons:

1.) I think that the auto tune is used a bit too much. Also, certain parts of it are a bit out of tune, but I love the way it /almost/ sounds, if that makes any sense.

2.) Has much to do with point #1: I think it would be made better with the regular vocals layered in on top of or underneath of the auto-tuned part. Some of the lyrics could use fine-tuning, also- but really that's a minor squabble [on this song in particular].

I've been listening to your music for awhile today. A lot of it is all over the place, leading me to the conclusion that you've been all over the place trying to find your specific sound, and this year, specifically, has been primarily you just saying "Fuck it, this is how I feel right now,". Don't take this the wrong way, brother, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I would honestly love to do a collaboration with you on this beat. Get at me sometime if you're interested.


LOVE this track, man. SO much. Went to your soundcloud and followed you, but found this song has no download there. I NEED to use it. Please get back to me ASAP.


Love it. Using it.

Gimme a sec......

Done. Come check it out on my page! Included you as a contributor.


P.S.- This is great stuff. Keep makin great stuff, man.

Love it. Fuggin. Love. It.

Great stuff man. I may use this.


Knoxius responds:

Thanks :) go for it!


I assure you this isn't me being a lazy reviewer. This is me in awe. The content was SOOOOO perfect for how I've felt for years. And the way the flow fits into the beat is like a shuttle docking with the ISS. SO satisfying. Great work, old friend.


Teqneek responds:

Thanks, you just made my day brutha

This track? This track says "Go, Doc. Go and find a piece to use by DJM."

And so, I'll be on your page within 30 seconds perusing tracks for my next song.

Great work, man. Captured the hype. *thumbs up*


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