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A screaming, laughing, happy-crying 5/5 for you, my man. I have always loved this. My first download was years ago and it had been lost to the annals of time and my terrible memory.

But then... I stumbled upon it again. As it played, the goosebumps almost overtook me. This is Christmas Spirit personified. Please dont ever stop doing what you do man. You're a massive inspiration to me. I hope to work alongside you one day, Milkman-Dan.


I'm not usually a fan of this T.I. style rap, but damn, bro... You killed this. Your words have managed to break down my emotional walls in a million ways and influence my thoughts. Thats an achievement.

1000G- Real AF

This is epic man. Dont stop being epic.


Vashelite responds:

Thank you, that means alot man.

I'm not sure... Honestly, the beat calls for faster lyrics in my opinion- however, I feel the delivery was quite on point for the speed that was chosen. Keep crankin' em out, man!


I hear this and it kills me. I have it on my phone and I'll play it from time to time. I fear the worst for you, my old friend. I hope that one day you will message me and let me know that you are okay.

You have such incredible talent. Please dont let the darkness of the world overtake you. Here's hoping we may create music together again someday.


I feel this. I'm going to download it and see if I come up with anything. I'll send you a contributor request if I publish it.


larrynachos responds:


Damn, dude. I can really feel the feels in this. Good work on the mixing and lyrical content, for sure. It makes me wonder what was done to you to cause this... I hope you're alright, man.


MaoDaMighty responds:

Thanks DJDj! Oh ya Im fine, was just getting fed up with shit and decided to let it out on a track.

I aspire to write music like this one day. 5/5, would recommend to a friend

The level of talent it takes to create such masterpieces is unfathomable. Truly, I feel blessed to have found your work. Keep it up, man!


OceanPlanet responds:

Literally so kind of you man, thank you for taking the time! :)

Dude, even if you have to start from scratch and rebuild this, you absolutely should. This would've been amazing.

You should have more confidence in you abilities! This sounds incredible. I legitimately couldn't find anything wrong with it. So beautiful. Keep it up!


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