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I felt like beluga whales were encouraging me on my walk. Gorgeous and... well. Immersive.

Honestly I felt this deep in my soul. Every bit of it. Thank you for making it- both of you.

Cyberdevil responds:

Same here every time I come back to it. :) Appreciate it, really. Thanks for listening!

This some quality music right here.

Pretty sick, ngl.

Got my head bobbin’, that’s for sure.

Leavesz responds:

yeah, in my opininion is not really mixed well but the rest is neat, thanks for listening <3

Very well done, sir.

Leavesz responds:

thanks <3

This one is interesting to me. It has a very positive vibe, which I feel is actually quite unusual in the context of time passing. I think it embodies happy anticipation, where most people focus on the boredom and the helplessness. I guess what I’m saying is, this is refreshing.

This may just be my opinion, but I also don’t think you need to apologize for using. The ticking clock. It’s not a theme that occurs just once in our lives. Ticking clocks are everywhere, all the time, always. And they just keep on ticking.

It’s such an overt and powerful theme that one can’t help but be inspired when considering it. In my song “A Chance Happening” I used a sound much like this one as a time keeper throughout the piece- it adds metaphorical depth.

God, this is spectacular. Wonderful use of chorus and harmony. Seán is a lucky one, that’s for sure. Few get to hear love expressed to them so clearly in their lifetimes.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Well done, anxiety level set at 1000%. Those background strings really did the trick.

GEEEE wiz and wow-ee. Had to stop again on my walk to comment on this one.

Are you familiar with Martin O’Donnell? Well, he’s the composer of a vast majority of the video game franchise Halo: Combat Evolved’s music. There’s one track in particular I want to make sure you hear- It’s called “Ambient” and it’s from the first Halo, I believe. YouTube it or something. It’s also on iTunes- if you have that subscription suckling on your bank account currently.

Got it? Good.

Okay, this song could have been a serious contender against that one for the level. Or maybe one of the other levels with snow- as this feels quite icy. I love it, though. It’s magnificent. It definitely does bring that floating-in-a-bacta-tank feeling with it.

Something cool: I have an older track that brings with it a similar vibe (though at far lower quality). It’s called Spring- though I wrote it whilst inspired by my vehicle being encased in ice.

Troisnyx responds:

I'm familiar with Halo: CE and its music, so that is quite high praise. Thank you very kindly. <3

I'll go and search out your track and give it a listen, it sounds intriguing.

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