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Really decent for something you just threw together after work. You're mad talented, man. I felt those lyrics hardcore.



All I can do is bob my head and hope I’m as good as you someday. This is legitimately a groovin, chill vibe. Professionally executed quality work, sir.

This deserves the vinyl it will one day be inscribed upon, for sure.

Ooooh. I like it. Like a lot. A lot a lot.

NICE. Funny you called it a bragga beat, cause I could hear trash talking battle lyrics in my head while listening to it. Also, the abrupt ending is very appropriate on a song that’s advertised by Cliff t. Hangar himself.

Wait, so this is primarily *live* instruments besides the vocals and trumpet?

Dude you’re mad talented. 5/5

CzySzy responds:

Nah. By "no samples" I meant that everything here is composed by me. Of course there are programmed parts but there are no borrowed melodies/passages and stuff like that.

Niiiiice. I want to put backwards lyrics on this, for some reason. Maybe because I don’t speak the language of the intro, so it sounded backwards to me.

At any rate, this is gorgeous. Ends kind of suddenly, though. That’s my only gripe.

EDIT: I used backwards lyrics in my song LoFi Nightmare. If you like how that sounds and would like me to give it a shot, shoot me a message. It’s a concept I’ve been toying with a bit behind the scenes.

Congrats on being UOTD! That’s actually how I found you, haha. But yeah, I’m digging these beats. What audio tools do you use?

CzySzy responds:

I use FL Studio 12 and Reaper 6 with lots of vst's free and paid plus custom made drum sounds. Also, I sometimes play the guitar and bass.

Got a very chill 70’s beach-home-for-a-secret-agent vibe.

Also, I had a stroke trying to read the title.

Last night I dreamed a dream that was a nightmare. Or perhaps a glimpse into a future that could have been. My home was stolen in the dead of winter, and I wasn’t allowed to even take my shoes. I’m not sure why it was so, but the feeling of dread was intense. I awoke in a cold sweat, less of a man than when I had laid down.

Sometimes life is just so hard, so disparate. But we hold onto hope in spite of the odds.

Great song.

Fortune cookies are clues for sleuthing your destiny.

Who am I? I'm the voice inside your head; radic'ly tryna dramatic'ly become something unsaid.

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