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Will I ever fulfill my destiny?

*shakes magic eight ball*

“Try again later”


Wow! What a headbanger. I hope I can be as good as this one day. That’s incredible. Those vox samples are killer. The melody is wild and hype. What’s not to love about this?

Holy son-of-a-wow. I love it. I love it so much.

I came here looking for Abyss- I’m sad that this was all I found, but I’m shocked that this is every bit as beautiful and well-organized as Abyss.

Just... Wow... You are not alone, friend.

I scouted you as well. More people need to hear this kind of stuff. It’s all so... real. Genuine. From the soul.

Kay, done gushing now. Hope you have a good day!

StR-Lite responds:

Oh wow, thank you for the compliment! ;A;
I was planning to upload Abyss eventually, but hopefully once I'm not as busy with schoolwork and whatnot. Thank you once again!


I have never heard Tom Fulp’s voice despite being a user of Newgrounds since 2004.

Hi Tom! :D

Having done some stuff like this before on my livestream, I absolutely want you guys to know that I empathize. It can be really rough to find that conversational flow, especially in a live and un-cut environment. It’s almost like the pressure of knowing that extends the awkward silences a bit. I think it could’ve been much worse. Also, I applaud you for responding to the honest-yet-rough reviews.

That said, I don’t think this was all bad. In the next episode I heard the one guy saying “it’s worth 1.5 stars at best” in reference to this episode, and I think that’s unfair. I really enjoyed the insights and viewpoints that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. Honestly this whole “Flash go bye-bye” thing is a shocker to me- not being a programmer and having played so many Flash games. It was jarring in the way that it would be if I typed Google into my address bar and discovered the whole website was gone.

Keep doing what you guys do!

Holy... wow. Strong language felt inappropriate in describing this. But wow, nonetheless. This is an arrangement that conveys that building climax towards the resurrection very well. The volumes and production are on point and the arrangement is nothing short of divine, pardon the pun.

All of that said: struck me most is how much like an Enya song this felt. And boy, do I ever love Enya. My father used to work as a techie in theatres- sometimes I’d help him out- this is related, I swear. The theatres were quite large and always empty, but that meant we could use the stages and sound systems sometimes. He’d put on the spotlight and let me belt out my favorite Green Day and Linkin Park songs into the microphone to cheap karaoke backing tracks that we ripped from YouTube- I got to feel like an actual star in those days.

Well, one particular afternoon he had me up in the catwalk checking the lights. While I was working, he put on Enya’s Orinoco Flow (also known as Sail Away) and it just... I was taken away by it. It was the first time I’d ever heard her music, and I fell in love instantly.

Well anyways- this song here has that same sort of power to it. The notes and the tone all just blend beautifully in a way that I’m struggling to describe in words. Basically, I love this. I’d love to hear more like this.

So excited to see you frontpaged, Trois! This is so beautiful. My initial thought was that this is a great example of simplicity winning out over complexity- or “less is more”. But then, the song evolves quite a bit of complexity as it rolls along so it’s not quite apt, still. You’re one of those pianists that plays in a way that takes me back to the music I loved as a child. George Winston is coming to mind on this one. This has a very “Spring” feel to it. Friendship in Spring, conveyed via music. Very well done, madam.

Edit: realizing now that this was in my friends’ feed, not the featured feed. Sorry for the false alarm there. I’m just an idiot. 🙄

Troisnyx responds:

I did get FP, just not for this song, but the one after (yatse ya).

Thanks for the kind words — but I need to stress that this entire song came to being because of Codefreq's writing of the ending; I only followed suit with the rhythm and flow he started. ☺️

My God. This is brilliant. First time listener, but I’m a fan for life.

You guys are great!

Will responds:

Thanks man!!!

Oh, that’s sublime.

This takes me to a place of serenity. The porch of a house on a hill in the countryside. Wind chimes, puffy white clouds and flocks of birds are all that occupy my mind. Childhood memories from a time before trust could be broken.

Great quality on this, man. I can dig it.

LordAndiso responds:

:DDDD Thank you so much <3 i had very much fun making it! I am glad that you like it!

If that intro wasn’t inspired in some way by Metroid’s menu theme I’ll eat my hat.

I don’t wear hats.

Real sad the download dealy isn’t there. The second it started playing I was inspired with some lyrics and a basic idea for the song. Very well done, sir.

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