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As I’m typing this I’m sitting in an alley behind a dumpster. The sky is a crisp, clean blue which strikes a sharp contrast to the power lines and brick walls. A few other things set the scene- half eaten sandwich turning to liquid in a ziplock bag. A lottery ticket- used and tossed aside, chosen to be a loser like billions of others. An empty Cup-o-Noodles resting in the grass for bugs to play in. The glint of cellophane bits here and there reminding me how broken this whole reality truly has is and always has been.

Tires grind across gravel and engines rev in the street, begging me to stop this pointless train of thought. I’ve had it before enough times to know that, myself. So I ignore them.

Why do we continue? My persona has become fogged through countless attempts to answer that question. Time and time again, I come up empty and grinning.

Is it love? Is it money? Is it power?

Ask the lottery ticket why it was made, and it will tell you; to be scratched. The sandwich will tell you life is about decomposition. The engines will say it’s about the drive, the explosive bursts of speed. The The Cup-O-Noodles will say it’s all about perspective.

Thank you for this song. It very well describes the feeling of persistence near the end of a long struggle. I like how it seems like it’s over many times, but then manages to wrench itself back to life for another go. A beautiful work.

Killer Cyber Metroid Vibes

Well dayum.

Beautiful and high quality. Makes me feel like everything is gonna be okay... and I really like that in a song. Very, very well done. Fav'd, followed and added to my library. I look forward to listening to this song while I'm driving through the mountains someday.

I just released a house song myself, too- and listening to this made me feel small. Like... it's big-ly sounding. I've always wanted to write House music, too, but it's always done so much better by other people. I appreciate you folks. You've got a talent that makes you very special.

gdfoxy0021 responds:

hey, thks for this.. and this not was an a proffesional work... i just playing whit some instruments and more... but, you don't feel bad for your music, in some moment your songs can be are amazing!!. i appreciate it a lot your help and more :')

Oof. Right in the feels, man.

When this song is playing and I imagine loves gone by, I can feel a familiar sadness mixed with joy. A thankfulness towards life for letting me experience those moments; a deep, deep sorrow that in time... all things come to an end.

Right in the feels, man. Right in the feels. 5/5

Legitly beautiful, man. I think it's amazing how sometimes our best works come when we're not trying to be the best and just sort of plugging along and doing things we like when we like them.

5/5 would recommend for a friend. This music belongs in a Stardew Valley-type game, easily.

Music like this makes me sit down for a minute and rethink my life as a musician.

It's so good that it's humbling.


Good stuff. Gets my head bobbin’ for sure. I can almost see it being the BGM for an epic fight compilation vid.

I'm so glad this is downloadable. I genuinely look forward to the smile it'll bring when it pops up on my phone some day while I'm driving.

I don't care how many people are there. I'mma have to yell as loud as I can




Much love, man. Much love.

Who am I? I'm the voice inside your head; radic'ly tryna dramatic'ly become something unsaid.

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