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I've sort of gotten away from my normal style on this one, so if you're lookin to hear somethin different- this might be the track for you. It's a bit more house/techno than I'm used to, but I haven't worked with Boenket in awhile, and I've missed it, so I sort of winged it. I hope y'all enjoy it!



So I finally hunkered down and got a track done. First one in a couple of weeks- don't worry, there will MOST DEFINITELHY be more to come in the future, but until then I have plenty of music already released for you to check out and possibly enjoy!


Anyways, here's the link to my new track. See y'all around!

Recently I feel as though I've slacked off a bit in my music production. I came into posession of a new pair of earphones, so I'm gonna be able to get back at it, soon. Until then- keep an eye out for my new single "Shook- SynthGoddess Ft. DJDj". All I'm waiting for is the female vocals for this. If somebody out there wants to offer their voice to the track, email me at or message me on here. 

In case you dont know what my music is like, I'll go ahead and hook you up with a link to it so you can get an idea.

I appreciate all of you. Never forget that. Whether you're just a passing listener, or a hardcore fan- I write my music for you so enjoy it as best you can.


Stay awesome, newgrounds!



Been working pretty hard on this one. People should let me know how we've done!

Thanks to everbody who gives us feedback. You help us become closer to what we've dreamed of being. 

Have a good day,


Just re-did Inquest for the second time. Fixed up the volume levels a bit, and got the title right this time around. Hope you enjoy it!

Please rate, comment, and possibly follow, if you like it. I write with a pretty broad range of sounds to my music, so even if you dont like this one, be sure to check out my other music!

Here is the link to me and my group's first album titled "Exposure" on



Man, I am lovin the quality on this new mic. Pumped out a few new tracks, I'd love to get some feedback on em.

Below I will list a link to the newest one- Drama Central 2; a hip-hop track.

Rate, comment, follow. Get at me!


Super hyped today with this new mic I picked up! Lemme know how I'm doing mixing/mastering my tracks!

Just found this old thing while I was digging through old project files. Thought I'd touch it up a bit and re-release it. Check it out for me!

Inquest- ESTAR48 Ft. DJDj

Whattup, Newgrounds?

2014-01-30 12:55:23 by NeoAlchemist247

You may or may not have heard of me, but I'd like you to hear my music regardless. So just jet on over to

and lemme know what you think of my tracks! I'm always tryna improve, and feedback really helps that process.