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So I've been hearing some crazy good feedback on my track "U.F.O.", but I am aware that it is entirely too short. I have contacted Vanguard182 about the problem, and he has agreed to work on an extended version so I can make a full-length song out of it. Consider "U.F.O." a sort of preview- and keep your eyes out for the release of the finished version! 

Below I'll provide you with the links to both that track, and the rest of my music. Feedback is my drug, so don't be afraid to tell me what you think.

U.F.O.- Vanguard182 Ft. DJDj

DJDj's Audio Submissions




Just finished work on this track, I think it sounds pretty nice. Lemme know what y'all think!


I'm something else, really. Not to be egotistcal, no. But to insinuate a certain uniqueness. We're all different, so if we wrote music based off of what we feel and think, we'd all make different songs. I write music based off of what I feel and think- and therefore it sounds different. Some people like it, others say its not really for them. That's okay, though. You're all welcome to view my music and judge it how you wish. 

Above all, though, keep it real.


This is DJDj, lettin you know that all my music is currently free for listening/downloading. Check it out right here on Newgrounds @

One more time-

2014-01-22 00:03:48 by NeoAlchemist247

Yo! I wrote a song the other night, and I think it sounds pretty awesome. I want your opinions on this!

Tyrannus Ft. DJDj- Pushin' Daisies

I know this might seem real stupid right now, but I wanted it on record, just in case.

In the event that my music were to succeed and bring in financial benefits after I die... I want the money to go to my immediate family. My wife, if I'm married at the time of my death, my mother, and my father should each get a 25% cut of the proceeds. 20% should be divided evenly amongst parties of my mother's choosing, and the final 5% should go to a charity of my step father, Lou Vellia's choosing.

I know this seems dumb, and I'm sorry for posting it on the news feed- But I want it on record. I'll have a will to divide up my personal posessions, I'm sure, but there will be nothing about my music or the money made from it if it should become "in demand" after I died. 

This isn't a sad thought, nor is it a suicidal thought. Just a precautionary effort that comes more out of love than anything else. I don't want people to fight over my things when I'm gone. I wanna be remembered as somebody who cared about other people.



Couldnt sleep last night- brought about a pretty nice track. Thanks to Tyrannus for the perfect beat for the moment.

Check it out-




It's been over a month in progress, but it's finally finished! Alkima is a group formed by 3 artists, two rappers and one beat-maker, focused on creating music thats good to listen to with a message. 

We haven't quite found "our sound" yet, but it's coming along nicely. Enjoy the album, and keep your eye out for later submissions by Alkima!

Track 01- Press Enter to Continue

Track 02- Tenacity

Track 03- Time

Track 04-  Unemployment

Track 05- Chronology

Track 06- Gig

Track 07- Wear_The_Crown

Track 08- Gigabyte

Track 09- Freedom

Track 10- Outro

Contributors; Da Razcal [Boenket], Aegimus [Neoalchemist247], and Player 1 [Reikaiser]

Just finishing up a few last minute edits to our album before we release it for FREE DOWNLOAD here on Newgrounds as well as Soundcloud and MediaFire. Check it out!