News Update [DJDj]

2014-06-03 17:49:37 by NeoAlchemist247

Hello! To my fans, friends, and casual listeners alike; thank you for your incredible support. Though I still only have 20 fans, thats substantially more than I had at the end of last year, and any progress is good progress. I hope y'all stick around to see what I manage to come up with!

On that note, some of you may recll my track "Temperamental". I was unsatisfied with a little clip of the singing on it, so I re-did that part and re-uploaded it. If you haven't heard it; check it out! If you have; you should go re-download it; I promise it sounds better. Below will be listed the link to it-

Now; I've also recorded and released a NEW track today, with the gracious contributions of MWDS; "I Create". It's a bit different from my normal rap style- it focuses more on the chaotic side of myself. I realized that I was sort of emulating the Dark Knight's Joker character, and went ahead today to throw in a couple references to the character himself. You might find it interesting, cool, or downright stupid. But for whatever reason; you should check it out and let me know how I did! Here's the link to THAT one-


Keep it real, share the love,




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