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What's up, Newgrounds? It's DJDj;

Posted by NeoAlchemist247 - May 30th, 2015

Alright, so I've been gone for a good while. The better part of a year. It's driving me crazy, but my old laptop got ruined and the used one I just acquired appears to be just /barely/ functioning. I'm trying to come back though. I just need to download my software, unpack my mic, and get inspired. Inspiration has been coming to me in droves, however, since the birth of my first kid, a sweet little girl that I've named Avaleigh Marie. I've revisited my tracks a few times, and I've met some new people in person who have taught me a little about recording. In this period of waiting, I've learned a bit about myself, as well. By tomorrow night, I fully expect to release a new track. Keep your eyes open and your ears primed, ladies and gentleman; DJDj is back in business!

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Oh dude hell yes I love when people upgrade their stuff and they're so motivated to make things, it's like inspiring and stuff to read ^^! It really does, it makes me wanna start doing even more stuff lol, I'm happy for you, and also YES congrats on being father and everything! Looking forward to seeing what you release^^

I appreciate the fervor of your excitement; but I would hardly call it an upgrade. By new laptop, I mean functioning used and cheap laptop- but I've already determined it is good enough to produce music on. My mic is worse than any I've used prior- a Realtek '98 stick mic. But hey. Its what I have to work with right now, so I will. Thanks for the encouragement. It really pushes me to know people out there are listening. I hope I'm able to inspire and entertain you, man!


Just letting you know I feel like a dumbass for writing that review vut y'all had me thinking you were someone else. Anyway good song tho

I'm Doc, in your Discord. I'm pretty sure I am who you thought I was. I apologize for any confusion, Teq. That review meant a lot to me, tho. I just now read it for the first time, and I hope you aren't saying ya didn't mean it. For real. It means a ton to me that even though I take these long ass breaks from music, I come back and people that I consider some of the best tell me they still think I'm always improving.

Keep on keepin' on, Teq. I hope to work with you sometime.