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Thank you, Newgrounds. So much. Really.

Posted by NeoAlchemist247 - April 10th, 2017

Dear Newgrounds,

It was 2005 when I found this site for the first time. I thought "Madness Interactive" was the best thing ever back then. But my main draw was the audio portal. I know it was forever, because it was back when they had the animated robot standing next to the audio portal. Remember that? He looked like Optimus Prime with an EQ monitor in his chest, looked like he had robo-sunglasses on? I wish they'd bring that audio portal front page back. Anyways.

The audio portal was supposedly just a passing fancy to me back then. But something kept bringing me back. Never knew what. 

One day I realized what it was: I didn't just want to listen to the amazing music. I wanted to make it. Be a part of it. So I started- about 6 years later- to make music. I started on my Casio keyboard at home. Singing with the premade beats, which turned into making my own beats on the 6 pre-set recordable tracks. Then my buddy Christian George, who's in the Airforce now, learned how to play music. Starting on my very own guitar. We wrote a few songs together, only one of which survives to this day [on myspace]. I was 13 when we wrote it. Here: https://myspace.com/us2u4life/music/song/running-away-27302176-27103361

(Just in case you want to hear a 13 year old me)

It all lead to me making music here. I, at one point, got pissed because I made some really lewd music and uploaded it, not knowing there was no delete button. I threatened to sue Newgrounds if they didn't take it down and I was wrong. Regardless, they took down my whole account and added a delete button [Yeah, guys. That was me. Lol.] I made a new account within a year and started uploading new music.

I won't give you the WHOLE story, but let's suffice it to say that Newgrounds.com is the most incredible site I have ever worked with/on. Please give these people your respect [and your money if you have, like, way too much for yourself] because they REALLY deserve it. Seriously.

I am currently listening to "Choices". My 2nd newest track, and realizing that one of the BEST choices I ever made was to continue this account. I have received more heart-felt criticism from this site than anywhere else. Soundcloud's got NOTHIN' on this site. Please stay forever. Please listen to as many artists as you can- because nowhere else on the internet is there a place THIS awesome to share your content. 

Mr. Fulp- if you read this, I'm so sorry I ever doubted you. I'm sorry I tried to blame my own insecurities and immaturities on you. You were not at fault, and I hope you'll consider me a friend.

Newgrounds' Users- Please stay an active part of this site. Also, listen to my music. It is the product of a long-fought battle with myself, and it really, REALLY might help you through some difficult times. I know it helped me.

With the kindest regards,



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Wow. Well, no biggie. Even though I don't know everything, I do know that most people deserve a secind chance, and you sir have used that chance well :3

That's been my goal. I saw what this site truly was, and realized what I'd always known it to be. I realized that I only threatened them out of fear for my own image, and that is probably one of the wrongest [most wrong? Wronger? Eh, whatever] things I've ever done. They are amazing. Keep these guys going.


@TomFulp, you might want to peep this.

This is what I'm talking about when I tell people how much I love Newgrounds. It's not just some file dump like SuckCloud. Not to mention, we don't charge people for upload time or make money off of denying people download capability until they pony up. Newgrounds is quite literally the only site of its kind, a community brimming with all the things an indie startup needs to start on the track to success!

Amen, brother!

Hey, I dropped you a follow. I just realized I forgot to yesterday!

It's all good, man! Thanks for the follow! I'll be keepin an eye out for tracks you release I might wanna use. With your permission, of course.


If you're talking NG or YT, feel free to use any of my work so long as you credit me properly via NG's built-in system or linking the song used in your video description. Commercial stuff is the only thing I require people to make arrangements for. YT might be considered commercial but at the same time, the advertisement is worth more to me than being a copyright scrooge like the record labels.

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