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Dude, I'll give it a solid 3. I really respect somebody that's willing to put their views into their work. It's not an easy angle to work so directly as you have here. So kudos on that, for sure. By the way, I like a lot of what you said. But now we come to the music... Well... It's just kind of repetitive, you know? It hits me at the beginning, but it slowly dies out over time like a sparkler losing juice as it burns. And the flow feels a bit forced. Like... You really wanted to get all these concepts into one song, I can tell, but it just doesn't flow with a catchiness that addicts the ear and mind by consequence.

3/5. Hardcore effort, and you got talent, I can tell. Can't wait to hear more.


fastlanemovies responds:

Hey thanks, I appreciate the honest review! I don't typically outsource my beats, but when choosing things in the future, I will definitely keep that in mind. Certainly overlooked that.

Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL.

FelixZophar responds:

Thank you lol

I love the description of this song.

S-Rock responds:

Thanks! Me too :) it's beyond true!! !

You are not alone. Reach out if you need somebody to talk to, if you need a person that has been where you are and could possibly show you were to find hope, inspiration, or a reason to live. Reach out to me. I'm here for you.

Much Love

MaoDaMighty responds:

Music therapy, is good. Thank you.

Bro, you're flow is so sick... I wish you would've picked/made a better beat. This one's high-end EQ's are just... ouch, man. They hurt my ears. :/

Keep at it, yo! I hear EXTREME potential.


erikjaime responds:

haha thanks man! I just signed in to newgrounds after my 7 year break or something? to see if my songs where still up on the site.

I made the beat myself, but I was always too lazy to propper mix and master...

THANKS for the shout out though, It really made me smile!

Hm... Not my style, but very well done for it's type. Horror-style was something I got into when I was younger, so I know a bit about it. I could never make it, myself, so I have respect for people that write it successfully like this.

The mixing/mastering is VERY on point. I couldn't hear a single thing wrong in that regard.

The chorus felt kind of repetitive; but again, that kind of works in this genre. I like what you did with the layering on your voice after dropping the pitch on one track. It has that sinister vibe to it. I've used that trick myself once, actually. Over on my track "Inner Conflict". My inner demons have that voice.

Your gangsta-rap style verse flowed beautifully dude. It felt recognizeable as GR, but unique enough to not feel cliche. This definitely deserves the recognition it's receiving.


Traumatik responds:

Thank you bro bro that was a real review I appreciate that. My music has become a lot darker since I’ve gotten out of prison, I’m out of the life now so it’s like a therapeutic outlet for all my dark shit lol. Thanks again dude!

I'm not usually a fan of this T.I. style rap, but damn, bro... You killed this. Your words have managed to break down my emotional walls in a million ways and influence my thoughts. Thats an achievement.

1000G- Real AF

This is epic man. Dont stop being epic.


Vashelite responds:

Thank you, that means alot man.

I feel this. I'm going to download it and see if I come up with anything. I'll send you a contributor request if I publish it.


larrynachos responds:


Damn, dude. I can really feel the feels in this. Good work on the mixing and lyrical content, for sure. It makes me wonder what was done to you to cause this... I hope you're alright, man.


MaoDaMighty responds:

Thanks DJDj! Oh ya Im fine, was just getting fed up with shit and decided to let it out on a track.

The level of talent it takes to create such masterpieces is unfathomable. Truly, I feel blessed to have found your work. Keep it up, man!


OceanPlanet responds:

Literally so kind of you man, thank you for taking the time! :)

Who am I? I'm the voice inside your head; radic'ly tryna dramatic'ly become something unsaid.

DJDj @NeoAlchemist247




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