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2017-05-02 08:02:45 by NeoAlchemist247

Heya! It's been a crazy year, so far, but a good one. I've found a professional studio that I will be endeavoring to produce my first album with later on this year/early next year.

In the interrim, I'm trying to get in contact with everybody that I've worked with along the way and confirm that I am able to use their tracks for commercial use. If I have used a track of yours, or if you'd like me to try to, hit me up! I'm very easy to work with and I'm happy to meet new collaborators. Have a great day and stay awesome, Newgrounds!


Bringin' 'em Back: Important, please read

2017-04-11 21:25:10 by NeoAlchemist247

So I was going through some old projects that I've scrapped, and among them are a few tracks that you might enjoy.

Because of how the audio player is layed out, they're buried back in with other tracks that have been out for years. 

Here's a list:

1. Contrition []
    I wrote this forever ago as my first attempt to run with a label. "MoeBProductions", as it were. They were very unprofessional and renamed my track without my permission, then refused to contact me via email after putting my track up to try and make money off of it without giving me a cut. I've since changed the copyright to "No Commercial Use", so I may be going to court with them over this one, one day. Anyways. I refuse to ever work with them again, but I like this track and it's part of my history. So there it is. It is categorized under the year 2014.

2. Radioactive [DEMO] [
    Wrote this for fun. Loved Radioactive back before it got overplayed and subsequently forgotten. Not sure why I took this one down, but it's back. You'll find it under year 2013.

3. Double Decades []
    Ahh... THIS song... I wrote this waaaaaay back in... 2011? I think. Not certain. But I lurve on this track something epic. @Waterflame did an epic job on the beat. I wrote it from the perspective of the love and light within me talking to me. [In reality, it's a bit more religious than that, but we're gonna spare you those details]. I created a waaaay better quality remake, but I have yet to upload it to my NG profile. It is categorized under the year 2013.

4. Spring []
    Initially written in 2010, the irony of this track rests in the fact that I was inspired to write it because everything outside was encased in ice. Fun fact: this track was recorded so long ago, I had to record each hand's notes individually, as I hadn't quite grasped how to play both hands at once, yet. This was my [actual] 2nd full midi song. The 1st was titled "Welcome to Our Hell" and is, as yet, a missing marvel. That was, and is, my only full MIDI track [including drums], sadly I may never hear that one again. This song is filed under the year 2013.

5. HDCCypherSample[WIP] []
    HDC has been so kind to me. I miss those guys and gals. I really do. Wish I could start working with them again, but we've all got our lives and priorities to take care of. Still... I dream it'll happen someday. Featuring Mickey Mao, Fats and I this is a track by which I'm truly saddened by it's lack of completion. I took it down in anticipation of the full completed track's release which would feature a 4th singer. But, alas, this track will forever remain a WIP. Or is it a completed work of art? You decide. It's filed under the year 2014.

6. Shook- SG Ft. DJDj[wip] []
    I met a man back in 2012 that really helped me as an adult. His name is B. Shook. I won't disclose his full name, as I'm afraid he may not wish it to be known. He isnpired me to be the best leader I can be, even though the U.S. Army had just cut me down by telling me I'm inelligible to join [which has now happened twice]. I wrote this song to honor him. Here's to you, Mr. Shook! Keep on keepin' on, man. This track is filed under the year 2014.

Well. That's it for now, folks. There's a few more that are in there but I won't upload them until I'm satisfied with their end-result. Remember: Don't delete your work. Even if you hate it. One day, you'll regret not being able to look back and reminisce. 


Thank you, Newgrounds. So much. Really.

2017-04-10 19:00:12 by NeoAlchemist247

Dear Newgrounds,

It was 2005 when I found this site for the first time. I thought "Madness Interactive" was the best thing ever back then. But my main draw was the audio portal. I know it was forever, because it was back when they had the animated robot standing next to the audio portal. Remember that? He looked like Optimus Prime with an EQ monitor in his chest, looked like he had robo-sunglasses on? I wish they'd bring that audio portal front page back. Anyways.

The audio portal was supposedly just a passing fancy to me back then. But something kept bringing me back. Never knew what. 

One day I realized what it was: I didn't just want to listen to the amazing music. I wanted to make it. Be a part of it. So I started- about 6 years later- to make music. I started on my Casio keyboard at home. Singing with the premade beats, which turned into making my own beats on the 6 pre-set recordable tracks. Then my buddy Christian George, who's in the Airforce now, learned how to play music. Starting on my very own guitar. We wrote a few songs together, only one of which survives to this day [on myspace]. I was 13 when we wrote it. Here:

(Just in case you want to hear a 13 year old me)

It all lead to me making music here. I, at one point, got pissed because I made some really lewd music and uploaded it, not knowing there was no delete button. I threatened to sue Newgrounds if they didn't take it down and I was wrong. Regardless, they took down my whole account and added a delete button [Yeah, guys. That was me. Lol.] I made a new account within a year and started uploading new music.

I won't give you the WHOLE story, but let's suffice it to say that is the most incredible site I have ever worked with/on. Please give these people your respect [and your money if you have, like, way too much for yourself] because they REALLY deserve it. Seriously.

I am currently listening to "Choices". My 2nd newest track, and realizing that one of the BEST choices I ever made was to continue this account. I have received more heart-felt criticism from this site than anywhere else. Soundcloud's got NOTHIN' on this site. Please stay forever. Please listen to as many artists as you can- because nowhere else on the internet is there a place THIS awesome to share your content. 

Mr. Fulp- if you read this, I'm so sorry I ever doubted you. I'm sorry I tried to blame my own insecurities and immaturities on you. You were not at fault, and I hope you'll consider me a friend.

Newgrounds' Users- Please stay an active part of this site. Also, listen to my music. It is the product of a long-fought battle with myself, and it really, REALLY might help you through some difficult times. I know it helped me.

With the kindest regards,



AND again... I'm back.

2017-02-17 05:07:51 by NeoAlchemist247

The songs are in production again, on a newer laptop. Here's hoping for the best, right?

Alright, so I've been gone for a good while. The better part of a year. It's driving me crazy, but my old laptop got ruined and the used one I just acquired appears to be just /barely/ functioning. I'm trying to come back though. I just need to download my software, unpack my mic, and get inspired. Inspiration has been coming to me in droves, however, since the birth of my first kid, a sweet little girl that I've named Avaleigh Marie. I've revisited my tracks a few times, and I've met some new people in person who have taught me a little about recording. In this period of waiting, I've learned a bit about myself, as well. By tomorrow night, I fully expect to release a new track. Keep your eyes open and your ears primed, ladies and gentleman; DJDj is back in business!

Made some adjustments to volumes, EQ's, and effects. Track's done now. Here;




We'll be back! [Alkima]

2014-08-04 06:52:10 by NeoAlchemist247

So we've received a pretty good response from our last album, and we're working to create a single for public release very, very soon. Hope y'all stick around to hear it! Shouldn't take us more than another two weeks to put everything together, package, and upload. Here's also hoping that the track is received asd well as the album was. 

If y'all have any suggestions for the next album, just feel free to inbox me!

Peace, Love, and Xbox


News Update [DJDj]

2014-06-03 17:49:37 by NeoAlchemist247

Hello! To my fans, friends, and casual listeners alike; thank you for your incredible support. Though I still only have 20 fans, thats substantially more than I had at the end of last year, and any progress is good progress. I hope y'all stick around to see what I manage to come up with!

On that note, some of you may recll my track "Temperamental". I was unsatisfied with a little clip of the singing on it, so I re-did that part and re-uploaded it. If you haven't heard it; check it out! If you have; you should go re-download it; I promise it sounds better. Below will be listed the link to it-

Now; I've also recorded and released a NEW track today, with the gracious contributions of MWDS; "I Create". It's a bit different from my normal rap style- it focuses more on the chaotic side of myself. I realized that I was sort of emulating the Dark Knight's Joker character, and went ahead today to throw in a couple references to the character himself. You might find it interesting, cool, or downright stupid. But for whatever reason; you should check it out and let me know how I did! Here's the link to THAT one-


Keep it real, share the love,



Heard the track about 5 hours ago, and though I hadnt slept yet, I wasn't able to stop working until it was complete.... so here; Let me know how I did!

Just finished an awesome new track with the contribution of LoveKavi!


Check it out;