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Oh, man! I had no idea you were on Newgrounds, my dude!

Your work has brought many great laughs to me and one of my friends in particular. His name is Roman, and he’s always referencing your videos when we’re gaming. In particular the Bugs Bunny video and the Tony The Tiger video. It’s always hilarious- he’s pretty good at imitating your many voices, haha.

Needless to say, these imitations don’t really land well with people that haven’t seen your material, which honestly makes it even more hilarious watching them get uncomfortable. 😂 It also shows that you’ve pretty well hit the nail on the head, creating a you-had-to-be-there kind of experience.

I don’t want to make a massive block of text or anything, but suffice it to say I’m very impressed with your unique style and professional delivery- I recommend people watch out, cause you’re going places!

Keep up the great work, man!

Truly a high-quality piece of work here. I love Animal Crossing and I love this.


I am a lone Wanderer, disparate and without remorse for my steps. Though the spirit dims as the body breaks, I clutch at a hope for happiness.

The Void endeavors relentlessly to rob me of my sanity; to leave me a tattered and shriveled corpse without friends or future. Unknown depths of despair await me in the darkness and though it terrifies me beyond my ability to describe, I know I must carry on.

I am a lone Wanderer, disparate and without remorse for my steps. Though the spirit dims as my body breaks- I know I will find a place I can call home.

EDIT: Wow, man. This piece is powerful. The music and the imagery both. I want it on my iTunes. Thank you for this experience, man.

Ah, JamesLee. I can always count on you to hit on the topics that truly matter most.

Winner winner chicken... hammer

For a starters creation, not bad. Kind of annoying- only because it reminds me of my ex mother in law. Lmao.

Syntrus responds:

Only in animation lol. That’s Birtha for you...

"The internet is literal ear-rape in visual form, I can't stand it."

-The Squirrel, Foamy

This is my new favorite quote of all time.

This is mainstream-worthy material right here!

I thoroughly enjoyed that entire video, and thats saying something. I typically cant keep my attention more than a few minutes on a video, but this one kept me interested the WHOLE way through.

SO funny! The writing was fantastic and the timing superb! The voice acting was on point 100% of the time and the music/animation style just really vibed well together.

The scene where they were shown the mosoleum brought me literal goosebumps. Well portrayed.

Perhaps one day I'll be able to lend my vocal talents to your team of voice actors! Boy, wouldnt that be a gas? Just message me if you ever want a unique voice for the show- Id be excited and honored to show you what I could do!


Who am I? I'm the voice inside your head; radic'ly tryna dramatic'ly become something unsaid.

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