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Nightmare Record #1 8:21am 11/14/2013

Posted by NeoAlchemist247 - November 14th, 2013

Darkness came. I remember it in it's rawest form. We were trying to get Xbox live to function. I remember somebody setting up my phone so that I could see everybody else tracked on it, seeing people set as blue arrows travelling down highways and city streets on something that looked like Google maps. I remember that Xbox LIVE was unavaillable because of where we were, which I estimate was somewhere in the Middle East due to the skin tone/accent held by everyone I spoke to that wasnt obviously a U.S. Soldier. I remember everybody was friendly. Though some were middle-eastern and some were American, we all loved Halo:Reach, it was what we had in common. That memory was quite clear. They had the same Halo: Reach poster on their wall depicting Noble team, marching up a hill together. None of us wanted anything more than to play this game, and enjoy eachother's company. There was great happiness in that room.

I dont really know what happened after that. I remember marching down a hall with U.S. soldiers, my best friend Christian included, and I remember seeing a bunch of people dressed in khaki/tan robes wearing silver/grey helmets at the end of a long corridor. Hundreds of innocent people were in those halls, though I didn't know it yet. The terrorists, which seems the only word apt to describe them, seemed American because of complexion and facial structure, and also because I remember two American flags waving on either side of the 'ringleader' right before he did what he was about to do...

As we approached, there was no dialogue, there were no negotiations. The ringleader simply looked at us with a blank expression, silently held up a detonator-looking device and pressed the button with his thumb without making a sound. Every one of the terrorists' eyes exploded. All of them fell immediately to the ground, including the ringleader, dead. I remember seeing blood splatter against the inside of their visors. I heard hundreds scream in unison at that moment, though I didnt know from whom or from where.

I also remember thinking that the 'terrorists' following the ringleader may not have known this was about to happen, as they didn't have fear, manic zealotry, hatred, happiness, or even mild expectation in their eyes. They looked... bored. And then they were dead. Just like that. I think it's also worth noting that they were unarmed, besides the detonator wired to God-only-knows-what that the man in front had just used. Christian, the soldiers, and I moved the bodies wondering what had just happened, and we opened the door they had stood in front of, not knowing what fresh hell awaited us on the other side...

Innocents lined the halls just beyond the door wherein the ringleader and what I'd estimate to be about 20 of his followers had stood. They came from different ethnicities, though I remember caucasian being a pre-dominant race there. Men, women, and children alike- blinded by something, but we couldn't tell what. They all wept, their bodies wracked with sobs, none consoling eachother, for everyone was blind. Nobody could see anybody to console them... I remember thinking how odd it was that the innocents had gone blind, but retained their eyes.

I remember one woman in particular. I didn't note what she was wearing because it was so average and everyday, but I remember her long brunette hair and I remember the pain in her face. Tears streamed down her cheeks from her wide-open eyes, which stared off into space, seeing nothing.

There was so much pain in that room. So many people beside themselves with fear and anguish. I hate very little in this world, but I know one thing is for sure;

I hate the violence our countries and religions force upon eachother. I wish we could all just play Xbox together and laugh.